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VR Showroom

Our showroom is an Organic Workspace solution designed for our new product development teams, celebrating 70 years of Haworth innovation.

Take a virtual tour and see how we demonstrate workspace designs that
foster creativity, nurture culture and support well-being.

New Products

Organic Workspace
Design & Culture

Like you, our customers, Haworth strives for continuous growth and innovation. Workspaces need to support business objectives, and adapt as business requires. At NeoCon this year, we share our Organic Workspace design story from business objective through workspace solution, highlighting ways in which we deliver work environments that purposefully impact an organization’s goals.

The design process began by developing an understanding of the needs of the employees occupying the space – from their individual workstyles through to their team dynamics and collaboration patterns. Leveraging the Competing Values Framework (developed at the University of Michigan) each team’s culture was identified. The importance of having culture and strategy align is examined here by Dr. Jeff DeGraff, Professor, University of Michigan Ross School of Business.


Healthy Workplace Nudge

Workplace wellness programs as we know them are not working.  Based on two years of research with hundreds of leaders across multiple industries, the findings in the new book, The Healthy Workplace Nudge, are a wake-up call.

Our workplace research team continues to examine the impact of workplace design on employee well-being. Visit the Haworth showroom to learn and see how a Workspace Nudge™ can foster employee well-being.

Visit the Haworth showroom to learn and see how a Workspace Nudge™ can guide people toward desired behaviors.

Haworth Health Environments

Visit the Haworth Health Environments showroom to discover design solutions that encourage a holistic approach to wellness and well-being in healthcare environments.


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